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Privacy – an indefensible privilege?

In my experience, privacy is very much a privilege. Privacy is there until it is not – whether by chance, by choice, or by coincidence. Whether the gaze that sees us is that of the media (social or otherwise), the state, or even just circumstance, privacy can be abruptly withdrawn. For me this realisation came

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Otherness and Innovation – a Needed Pairing?

Nowadays, it seems like every organisation wants to be innovative – or at least says they want to be. And why wouldn’t they? In a world in flux, where disruption is faced in all arenas (social, economic, environmental, epistemological), and where new technologies offer new opportunities and new chances, sticking with the same old, same

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Digital Nuance

Is there/can there be room for nuance in digital systems? In my experience as a public servant, there’s often a lot of attention paid to how the private sector needs certainty. Of course the flipside of that, which I don’t think is as accepted or as recognised, is that the public sector often likes/requires flexibility.

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Musings on the Digital Revolution (or eleven thoughts on what digital transformation might mean for the public service) – pt 4

(Pt 3 can be found here.) 10. Digital allows for, and legitimises, different information preferences “The medium is the message.” Digital allows information to be presented and represented in a huge variety of ways. Information production is experiencing exponential rates of growth. YouTube and Instagram are indicators of the appetite for information in visual form.

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