Lore of Failure

Some things are so small that they can seem completely insignificant. A misplaced letter perhaps. Take, for instance, the letter L. But in the English language a missing ‘l’ can transform a word. Such as the word “public”. Why do I mention this? Because once upon a time in my public sector career, there was… Continue reading Lore of Failure

Innovation Lessons from the Past

When public sector innovation is talked about it can often seem like a new focus, or something that governments have only recently paid attention to. Yet on a recent holiday I had a reminder that governments have been innovating for a long time, and that many of the issues that we face today when innovating… Continue reading Innovation Lessons from the Past

The Importance of Momentum

Have you ever felt bogged down or stuck when you were trying to introduce something new? When you just felt like it was easier to give up? Image source/acknowledgement: John Saddington, 2016 At the start of an innovative project – whether it starts with a cool new idea, or with a problem that provides an… Continue reading The Importance of Momentum

Learning for Innovation

How does your organisation know when it needs an innovative response to a problem? How does it learn what the problems are? How does it learn for innovation? We are seeking your input on our ‘alpha’ version of a study on identifying problems and learning for innovation in the public sector. Public sector organisations are… Continue reading Learning for Innovation